The CC Experience

While each member joins for different reasons, the meaningful relationships they develop, the business opportunities, access to best-in-class professional development, and the ability to leverage the collective experience and knowledge of their peers are consistently at the top of the list.

Key Membership Elements

Chapter Meetings

Our 90-minute meeting agenda provides a platform to invite qualified guests for the benefit of other Members, ensuring time and energy is invested towards creating and accelerating opportunities on an ongoing basis.

Professional Leadership Development

With access to global thought leaders, our Members benefit from best practices and trends shaping business through intimate sessions with influencers from around the world.

Exclusive Experiences

Taking our Members out of the boardroom with access to premier venues and events creates more meaningful relationships through shared extraordinary experiences.

Annual Global Convention

Our Global Convention is the opportunity to meet the world and is the ultimate celebration of our community. With international speakers, access to world-class leaders and once-in-a-lifetime moments, this is the yearly culmination of opportunities, relationships and meaningful change and is truly Where Leaders Connect.


Our moderated Forum meetings offer each member the opportunity to benefit from the experiences of others in a non judgemental and confidential environment , giving our members the clarity they need to make the right decisions faster.

Membership Criteria

Business Owner, Partner or C-Level Executive of an organization that generates $5 million (USD) or more in GAAP revenue.

CorporateConnections® is built on a strong set of Core Values that guide how our Members engage and conduct business. This alignment creates a unique atmosphere to facilitate growth and transformation. We look for Members who are aligned to our core values, and overarching mindset of “give more than your take.”

Application Process

Prospective members must be able to drive a mutual benefit in trusted referral relationships. That said, membership is selective, objective and based on an established 3 step process.

CorporateConnections has a 3-step application process:

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the questions that we get asked more often than not

Why join CorporateConnections - What is the value in being a member?

  • Exclusive access to like-minded business leaders across the globe.A proven structure that drives strategic business opportunities.

  • Peer to Peer support in a confidential and trusted environment through the Forum program.

  • Measurable returns and meaningful relationships that change their businesses, communities and lives.

  • Extraordinary events and experiences that provide lifelong memories and friendships.

  • Being part of a community that believes in being a catalyst for change by helping those in need.

I am a Member of another networking organization, why should I consider joining CorporateConnections?

Some of our Members participate in multiple organizations depending on their objectives and goals. There are some key differentiators that draw Members from other networks:

● Our corporate networking program and structured meetings are designed to generate business opportunities between Members. This is often discouraged in other organizations

● One way we ensure this is by not allowing direct competitors to sit in your chapter with you. This is critical in building trusted relationships and creating a collaborative environment between our Members.

Who should join CorporateConnections?

  • Leaders who value having a trusted peer support system with which to work through their greatest opportunities and challenges.

  • Leaders who are extremely busy and need access to the right people at the right time; be they local, national or global.Leaders and C-Level executives who are running businesses of at least $5 Million USD in revenues.

  • Leaders looking for new opportunities to expand or diversify into new verticals.

  • Leaders who need trusted sources to build their supply chains.

  • Leaders who are left on their own and could use a trusted group of peers to work through their greatest opportunities and challenges.

  • Executives seeking leadership development, personal and professional growth.

What is a Forum and why should I become a Forum Member?

The CorporateConnections Forum provides a safe, non-judgmental and confidential environment in which Members leverage the shared experiences of their peers to gain clarity and make better decisions.

The Forum model is proven to help our Members experience breakthroughs and is often listed as one of the most rewarding aspects of a CorporateConnections membership.

The trust and bonds created through the Forum experience result in accelerated opportunities for business and personal growth.

What are primary components of membership?

  • Upon joining, Members are integrated into their chapters and the community through a simple and structured onboarding process. This allows Members to fully leverage the CorporateConnections experience and offerings.

  • 20-chapter meetings a year. Access to chapter meetings around the world.Global networking opportunities at the world-class annual Global Convention.

  • One Member per business vertical ensures that Members do not have a direct competitor in the room.

  • Comprehensive Forum experience with training and support.

  • Access to Chapter Directors who actively support Members in getting the best from CorporateConnections.

  • Proprietary software and platform to support the Member experience and allow Members to connect across all regions.

  • CC Talks Member Series: An opportunity for Members to share their experience and expertise with other Members.

  • CC Talks Expert Series: Exclusive opportunity to listen to thought leaders and visionaries.

Who are the other Members in the CC community?

  • Like-minded business owners who are influencers in their respective industries and markets.

  • 84% of our Members have businesses that have between $5 and $100 Million USD in revenues/turnover. 16% have over $100 Million USD in revenues/turnover.

  • A significant value of membership is connecting beyond current chapter membership and into their extended networks. In other words, it is not only who is in the room, it is who they know.

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